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How do I get started?

Now that you have some idea what MUN is, it is time to get started. But how does one get started you may ask yourself?

Frankly, there is no need to be an expert of MUN from the get go. The whole MUN thing is learning by doing. We therefore recommend to join our Starters debate or just join one of our regular debates to get an impression of how this whole thing plays out in reality.

If you still want to learn more we have a few tips for you first debate down bellow.

Take a look at these documents before a debate:

In the event of further questions, have a look at the FAQs Here or send us a message by email or social media

1. Study Guide 

Before every topic block, the Head of Operations will organise the Chairs, the topic and the committee. The chairs will then write a study guide that allows delegates to get an introduction to the topic at hand and outlines the key questions the committee needs to answer

2. Choose a country

Before every topic block, each delegate has to choose a specific country to represent for the duration of one topic. Choosing a country is naturally one of the most important steps in preparations as it will dictate the entire approach to any given topic.

3. Rules of Procedure

There is a specific way MUN sessions are structured and a certain vocabulary that goes with it. If you’re curious about that feel free to have a look at our Rules of Procedure. Note, however, that it is in no way expected of you to know all the rules. You will get the hang of things with time and can always look up details if necessary.

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