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We are here to help!


Send the board an email!

How do I prepare for the debate?

Have a look at the debates log, read the study guide and make a quick google search!

Otherwise approach the Head of Debates, Johann or a member of the chairing team!

Where do I transfer money to?

IBAN: CH74 0025 4254 1718 2940M

Account Number: 171829.40M


Recipient: St. Gallen Model United Nations

If you have questions, contact Rasmus, our Head of Finances!
For the membership fee please add your name and the purpose in the bank transfer notes.

What about conferences?

Applications for our own conference in St Gallen will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, ask our Secretary General Ismea or send her an email:

For other international conferences, check out the page on the intranet, the Whatsapp Groupchat or send us an email!

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