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What is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations. There are countless MUN-Organisations at Universities around the globe. In essence, the different committees and entities of the United Nations are simulated in a fun and educational atmosphere.

How does MUN work?

In a MUN-Simulation, participating students usually represent a countries position on a specific issue in a simulated commitee of the United Nations. The issues debated regularly revolve around current and often times controversial events and problems. The debates follow a strict set of Rules, the Rules of Procedure. This not only helps us to be as close to the real thing as possible, it also keeps the debates interesting and productive. The ultimate goal of the debate is to come up with a resolution that has as much support amongst the countries represented as possible.

To learn how to debate as fast as possible, check out our beginner's guides (TO BE ADDED/WRITTEN)

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The weekly debates

Weekly debates are meetings that are hosted by the MUN society for its members. A topic is debated in multiple sessions once a week. SGMUN usually has debate blocks of 4 session during which a single topic is debated. Our debates take place on Thursday evenings during the entirety of the semester. After a debate block is concluded we move on to a next topic, which is chosen by our members and our Head of Debates.


Besides weekly debates, we also attend international conferences hosted by the different MUN-Organisations in which delegates from all across the world participate. These Conferences usually last for 2-3 days and attract anywhere from 50-3000 participants. You can sign up for a conference on your own or as part of a delegation, often the MUN society you are a member of. In contrary to weekly sessions, at a conference there is usually a wide plethora of committees being simulated, meaning that you have the opportunity to chose from a wide range of topics. In addition to the academic part of a conference, there are social events during which the participating delegates are granted the opportunity to get to know one another and the hosting city more closely. SGMUN not only hosts its own conference, but also regularly sends delegations to one of our partner organisations in Barcelona, Rome, Tel Aviv, Cologne, Maastricht, Madrid and Mannheim.

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What can you gain from being part of MUN?

Joining MUN and participating in our debates gives students from all Majors the opportunity to acquire skills in public speaking, cooperation and problem solving, in a young, dynamic and most importantly judgment free environment. It furthermore helps you to improve on your debating skills and representing postions you do not necessarily personally believe in. In addition, you will learn to make compromises and reflect on your own ideas in a large group of diverse people. Further, MUN gives you the unique opportunity to connect with people from diplomacy, economy and politics you would not neceassirly meet otherwise.

While all these skills and networking opportunites have proven to be an asset to your future careers and employers. MUN is a easy and fun way to get to meet other students from all around the world. You will soon learn, that joining a MUN society means joining a great community of students and friends.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your MUN Journey right now

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