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How do I get started?

Now that you have some idea what MUN is, it is time to get started. But how does one get started you may ask yourself? Frankly, there is no need to be an expert of MUN from the get go. The whole MUN thing is learning by doing. We therefore recommend to join our Starters debate or just join one of our regular debates to get an impression of how this whole thing plays out in reality. If you still want to learn more we have a few tips for you first debate down bellow.

Take a look at these documents before a debate:

Download the documents:

1. Study Guide 

Before every topic block, the Head of Operations will organise the Chairs, the topic and the committee. The chairs will then write a study guide that allows delegates to get an introduction to the topic at hand and outlines the key questions the committee needs to answer

2. Choose a country

Before every topic block, each delegate has to choose a specific country to represent for the duration of one topic. Choosing a country is naturally one of the most important steps in preparations as it will dictate the entire approach to any given topic.

3. Rules of Procedure

There is a specific way MUN sessions are structured and a certain vocabulary that goes with it. If you’re curious about that feel free to have a look at our Rules of Procedure. Note, however, that it is in no way expected of you to know all the rules. You will get the hang of things with time and can always look up details if necessary.

  • Can I show up for any session remaining in a topic block after having missed the first session of said topic block?
    Yes of course! If you need help with signing up, feel free to contact us!
  • Do I have to be a law or political science major to participate in MUN?
    Absolutely not! MUN is open to all students at the University of St. Gallen! We strive to gain members from as many different studies as possible as it advances the debate through the variety of background knowledge of our members.
  • Can I Join the Club at any time during the semester?
    Of course! Contact us on social media or by email to let us know, or find us at one of our weekly debates!
  • What proficiency in English do I need to participate in MUN?
    There is no specific proficiency level required to join our Team. Improving your English skills in a relaxed environment is one of the main advantages of participating in MUN. The English level required to obtain the Swiss High School Diploma (“Matura”) will easily suffice!
  • Do I have to show up every week for the weekly session?
    It is not required of you to show up every week. We are all students with deadlines and exams and we understand that you cannot make it to every debate in a semester.
  • How much preparation is needed for MUN?
    We discuss a new topic every four weeks and create a study guide for each topic. The study guide serves as a good starting point for your research. You can always go above and beyond when researching your country’s stance on a specific issue. However, as you attend MUN voluntarily you are free in choosing how much work you put in.
  • Do I need any prior knowledge about international law or about the UN?
    No! You will learn about the basics through MUN. An interest in international law, politics and the UN is advantageous.
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