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Standard Club Membership

Join the St. Gallen Model United Nations Club, where your passion for global issues and diplomacy can flourish. Our club provides a welcoming environment to develop essential skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a meaningful impact. As a member, you will have access to guest speaker events, workshops, and diplomatic socials, as well as an extensive global network. You will enhance your public speaking and negotiation abilities, participate in international conferences, and engage in discussions on pressing global matters. Additionally, you will be part of a vibrant community of friends who share your interests.

The Membership costs 50 CHF

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Executive Board

Elected Executive Board Members

Elevate your leadership skills by joining the St. Gallen Model United Nations Executive Board — a unique opportunity to guide our club's direction, organize events, and shape the future of Model United Nations. Whether you're an experienced delegate or a newcomer with fresh perspectives, your role on the board will enhance your leadership skills, provide networking opportunities, and allow you to contribute to a club dedicated to positive global change. 

Only Members can apply for the Executive Board. However, applicants may be in the process of joining.

Conference Secretariat

Secretariat to the SGMUN Conference

Become a vital part of our university's MUN club by joining the Secretariat responsible for organizing our annual SGMUN conference. This is your chance to play a pivotal role in shaping and executing one of the most significant international affairs events in St. Gallen with global attention. Whether you're an experienced organizer or someone looking to gain valuable event management skills, being a part of our Secretariat offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and making a lasting impact. Work closely with a dedicated team, connect with fellow students passionate about global issues, and contribute to the success of our prestigious conferences.

Applications are open to everyone.

SGMUN22 - 4.2 - Closing Ceremony-156 (1).jpg
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