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Our Club

Welcome to St Gallen Model United Nations (SGMUN), a university student organization that is part of the worldwide Model United Nations Movement. Our Club focuses on diplomacy and international cooperation discussions and skills. Through our bi-weekly debates we engage in discussing pressing matters of international character and global relevance.  We offer a range of events and activities that provide opportunities for us students to develop leadership skills, connect with peers from university and from around the world, and engage in meaningful discussions about global issues. Furthermore we offer unique opportunities, such as the conferences taking place every year world wide, or our workshops for international cooperation. Join us to be a part of the change you want to see in the world!

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Cultural Exchange and Debates

One of the best ways to learn about the world is to experience it firsthand. The SGMUN offers an amazing opportunity to connect with young people from different countries and cultures. Through our debates, cultural events, and conferences all over the world, our members gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and develop lifelong friendships. Find out about our recurring debates dates and the current committee meetings!

Leadership Training

At SGMUN, we believe in empowering the next generation of leaders. Our club equips our members with the skills and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their careers and, soon, the world. Through interactive workshops, mentorship, and networking opportunities, participants gain valuable experience in public speaking, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

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Advocacy and Guest Speakers

At SGMUN, we believe in the power of young people to create positive change, and what better way to educate the new generation than through the voice of the previous one? Our guest speaker events allow us to open our doors to the current leaders and representatives of International Cooperation. Through our events you will have the opportunity to learn all about the lives and stories of the people who create change today.,Join us to be a part of the movement for change!

Global Citizenship Education

In today's interconnected world, it is essential for young people to understand global issues and their impact on local communities. That's why we offer a Global Citizenship Education program that provides a platform for young people to learn about and engage with global challenges such as climate change, human rights, and poverty. Join us to expand your horizons and become a global citizen!

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MUN Conferences

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are a great way for young people to develop their leadership skills, engage in diplomacy, and learn about global issues. SGMUN participates in several MUN conferences throughout the year, providing opportunities for young people to connect with peers from around the world and engage in meaningful discussions about global challenges. Join us to be a part of the MUN community!

Our Parties

At SGMUN, we believe in the power of fun to create change as well. Our Club organises fun events throughout all semesters and collaborates with other clubs too, in true diplomatic spirit. Join us for our post-debates drinks, for a fun bowling night or a wild party night. SGMUN is never boring!

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