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SGMUN Conference 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The SGMUN Conference 2022 was a resounding success. After a whole year of planning, our friends from the Secretariat manage to organise 4 days of debates, from the 01.12.2022 to the 04.09.2022, as well as events, fun and unforgettable memories for the over 150 students participating from all over the world. Here is how it went:

Day 1: Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony started with the inspiring speech of the UN Delegate of the African Delegation in Europe, who spoke about the growing importance of international law in the field of diplomacy, and how including the global south should be a fundamental goal in International Relations.

The first social was the Ugly Christmas Sweater party at the CO in St Gallen. It was a spectacular, fun event and the perfect kick off to the 4 days of conference!

Day 2: First debate sessions open in the the several committees in the Raatsaal and Hotel Walhalla. The delegates are committed and the debates quickly develop into plenary discussions and the first resolutions open. The International Press Committee keeps everyone updated on Instagram and on the Conference website about all the committee developments.

Social: World Cup Night at the CO and After Party at Garage

The World Cup Event was a blast, plenty of food and drinks, games and music, what else?

Day 3: Sessions continue and resolutions start rolling in! We are in the middle of the Conference!

Social: The highly anticipated Cocktail Party at the Roterplatz. Dress code: Diplomatic.

Day 4: Last resolutions, awards and closing ceremony.

The best delegates from each committee are awarded a prize. The closing ceremony celebrates our beloved delegates and says goodbye, until next time!

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