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Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Our friend Egan has participated in the TLVMUN 2023, one of the most coveted MUN conferences, for the warm climate, the beach days, and the friendly people. Egan participated in this year's conference and lived to tell the tale.

Jisbel: Dear Egan, thank you for participating in this interview and for giving us your time. Let's start at the beginning: how hard was the organization?

Egan: I'm happy to share my experience!

Jisbel: Please, describe your experience for our members!

Egan: Tel-Aviv MUN is always an adventure! I managed to go overseas and represent our society in the best way at the end of June (during Lernphase but I had already done all my credits), chairing the United Nations Security Council on the topic of the Nile River crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia, where we managed to pass a resolution by consensus.

Academics were a big plus of this year's edition, with Isaac Herzog (the President of Israel) even recording a video to welcome us!

On the other side, TLVMUN is especially known for its flamboyant socials, and this year was no exception. After a rooftop party on the first day, we spent the night in a private club by the beach on the second day and then finally a gala reception at the Norwegian embassy in Herzliya. It was a great pleasure getting to know so many people from our partners and beyond and also seeing old friends.

I can only recommend you to go to conferences in the near future, as people know what SGMUN and how good and fun our delegates are!

Enjoy some impressions!


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